9-11 June 2023 - Lund, Sweden

Weekend with Paulina & Rafał

Welcome to Lund, Sweden, for a weekend full of workshops, social dancing, and fun. This is not a WSDC event, which means more time for workshops.

A weekend full of West Coast Swing

What is included in the event?



Paulina and Rafał live in Krakow.

About our events

What people say about us

SkåneSwing has arranged events for many years and has had many happy participants. Many who has attended multiple times.

Follower Styling Intensive (optional)

You will learn styling and footwork on basic patterns so that you can use what you learn immediately.

We will work on the movement of arms, legs, and hips and learn how to use the connection to communicate your intentions to your leader.

Quality of movement required technique so a lot of focus will be on that.

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Professional DJ

DJ Pikachu is an experienced professional DJ that has played at some of the biggest West Coast Swing events in the world.

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Kalkstensvägen 6, 224 78 Lund, Sweden

Public transport

From Lund central station, take bus 5. Bus stop "Brunnsgård" is just outside the venue.

Dance Designz

Clothes, bags and more...

During the event you will be able to buy T-shirt, tank tops, hoodies and more with various designs including our SkåneSwing logo.

Support us by getting a SkåneSwing t-shirt or shoebag already when you sign up.

  1. SkåneSwing

    Show your support by wearing one of our t-shirts at your next dance event.
  2. West Coast Swing

    A wide variety of styles on t-shirts, tank tops and hoodies.
  3. Shoebag

    Branded drawstring bag for your favorite dance shoes.

Swayd Denmark

Dance shoes

Swayd Denmark will be selling shoes during the socials. If you want them to bring any specific shoe or size, contact them before the event on https://swaydshoes.dk/

  1. Urban Vibe Boots

    Casual but classy
  2. Alex Sneakers

    Best selling sneaker for men and women
  3. Toboots

    Designed by West Coast Swing Pros Maxime & Torri

Lunch & Fika

A light lunch (think sallads and baguettes) and our famous Swedish fika is included in the price.

Warm and cold drinks are available during the entire event.
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Accent heading


Common questions answered. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

  • I just started learning West Coast Swing. Can I participate?

    If you know the basic 5 (left side pass, under arm turn, sugar push, sugar tuck, and whip) you already know enough to attend level 2. This is usally equivalent to a beginner’s course or similar.

  • Are there any hotels near the venue?

    Yes, there are a few hotels close to the venue. Scandic Star and Hotel Finn for example. The venue is not far from the city center so you can also stay there and walk or take the bus to the venue.

  • I am a single follower and there are no spots available. What can I do?

    The best is if you can find a partner and sign up as a couple. We will add more spots for single followers as we get more single leaders registered, but don’t count on this. Few leaders register as single leaders.

  • How do I pay?

    You pay the full amount at the time of registration. There is no waiting list. Once you have paid, you are signed up.

    Payment by card (VISA / MasterCard) is the easiest way to pay (make sure your card doesn’t block international online payments if you are from outside Sweden). If you need to pay by bank transfer, contact us.

  • Can I attend only the socials?

    No, there will not be a social only pass. If you want to participate you will need to get a pass for the entire weekend.

  • Can I buy drinks and food as the venue?

    No, we will not sell any drinks and food at the venue. Lunches can be booked in advance (when you register), and drinks (alcohol-free), snacks, and fika will be available free of charge during the event.

  • Can I bring my own food?

    Yes, you can. The venue also has a microwave.

    Lunch, fika and drinks are included in the price so you probably wont need to bring any.



All passes include workshops (which depend on the level(s)), all the socials, pro show, alcohol-free drinks, snacks, and fika.

Single pass for followers and leaders will be limited to ensure a good balance. If possible, find a partner and register as a couple.

Price tiers

Book early to make sure you get the lowest price. All prices will be increased with 100 SEK / participant on 1 April 2023 and with an additional 100 SEK / participant on 1 May 2023.

Student discount

Are you a student? You get 20% discount on the event price when signing up as a couple. Valid student ID is required. Use discount code: student