24-26 Nov 2023
Lund, Sweden

Autumn Event 2023

Welcome to Lund, Sweden, for a weekend of workshops, social dancing, and fun. This is not a WSDC event, which means more time for workshops.

Instructors: Karin Kakun, Andreas Danielsson, and Claudia Beyer

A weekend full of West Coast Swing

What is included in the event?

3 levels
Regardless if you just started dancing or have many years of experience, there will be something for you.
Lunch & Swedish fika
Lunch on Saturday and Sunday is included in the price, as well as Swedish fika, drinks, and snacks during the event.
Social event (no WSDC)
This is a purely social event. No WSDC competitions. More time for workshops and social dancing.
Dance with the most people and win a private
Fun competition on Saturday evening where the person who dances with the most people will win a private with a pro.
Shoes & Clothes
Dance shoes and clothes will be sold during the event.
Dress up and win a private
Saturday's social will be a theme party. Best costume will win a private with a pro.
Optional Hip Hop intensive
One of a kind Hip Hop intensive class with Karin Kakun.
Friendly atmosphere
Small event with a family like atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome and included.


West Coast Swing pros from Israel and Sweden

Karin Kakun

Karin Kakun has been dancing all her life. She holds a university dance degree and has taught dance for over 14 years. She teaches WCS, Hip-Hop, Stretching, and Pole dance. She also choreographed and performed. Before starting dancing WCS, she was the Israeli salsa champion.

Karin started her WCS career in 2014, and from the first moment, she fell in love. She now competes in the Champions division and teaches in Israel, where she directs a West Coast Swing line of classes. She actively travels and teaches all around Europe.

Andreas Danielsson & Claudia Beyer

Claudia has been dancing since she was eight years old. She started with ballroom and then later moved on to jazz and salsa. 2013, she tried West Coast Swing for the first time and has been dancing and competing ever since.

Andreas started dancing bugg at the age of 25. In 2015, he attended a beginner’s course in West Coast Swing and immediately fell in love with the dance.

Andreas and Claudia both compete in the Advanced division.

What people say about us

SkåneSwing has arranged events for many years and has had many happy participants. Many who has attended multiple times.
Looking forward to the next event

I have participated in many of SkåneSwings events. Always good instructors, great mood, and amazing fika. Looking forward to the next event.

Great WCS events

The location has a large dancefloor, very good sound, and a nice chillout area with an unlimited supply of coffee and delicious fika snacks! Everyone made me feel very welcome here!

I had such a great time

I initially didn't know what to expect. But SkaneSwing's community is really awesome. I turned up on my own and immediately they made me feel at home and included as a part of their community. The event itself was well planned and thought through, and the Swedish fika was generous and a nice touch. Worth every penny - I will definitely be back!

Will be back for sure

It is a pleasure to participate in SkåneSwing's events. Always fantastic instructors, lots of fun and not least the famous Swedish fika. See you soon again.

Swedish Fika

The price includes not only the delicious Swedish fika that this event is known for but also two lunches, snacks, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Hip hop intensive (separate registration)

Learn to move your body in new ways and bring some spice back to your West Coast Swing. Karin Kakun is not only a West Coast Swing Champion. She has also been teaching hip-hop for many years.



Kalkstensvägen 6, 224 78 Lund
Free parking outside the building
Public transport
From Lund central station, take bus 5. Bus stop "Brunnsgård" is just outside the venue.


Clothes, bags and more...

You can buy T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and more with various designs during the event, including our SkåneSwing logo.

If you can’t wait, take a lot and find your new favorite on DanceDesignz.

West Coast Swing designs
Get out of my SLOT
West Coast Swing t-shirt
SkåneSwing drawstring shoe bag
West Coast Swing hoodie
Hug to recharge here
West Coast Swing tote bag

Danse Kompagniet

Dance shoes

Danse Kompagniet will be selling shoes during the socials. If you want them to bring any specific shoe or size, contact them before the event at Danse Kompagniet

Alex by Swayd
Marnie by Swayd
Urban Charm by Swayd
Urban Soul by Swayd
Adventure by Swayd
Loren by Swayd

Questions & Answers


Common questions answered. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

I just started dancing West Coast Swing. Can I participate?

For level 2 you only need to know the basic 5 steps of West Coast Swing. This is equivalent to having completed a beginner’s course.

I'm not Swedish, is this event still for me?

Yes, of course! Everyone is welcome and all workshops and information will be provided in English.

I am a single follower / leader and there are no single passes available at my level. What should I do?

Best is if you can find a partner to sign up with since couple passes are available until the event is full. Single passes will also be added as we sell more couple passes. This is to keep a good balance between leaders and followers at every level.

The level(s) I want to attend are not available! Is there a queue?

No, there is no queue, but we will add more single passes as we sell couple passes. This is to keep a good balance between the roles.

Which level should I sign up for?

Requirements for each level are specified at the bottom of the page.

Is the venue at a hotel or where can I stay?

The venue is not at a hotel, but there are several hotels and a few other places within walking distance. We recommend that you check hotels.com, booking.com and airbnb.com for the best options.

Can I buy drinks and food at the venue?

No, we do not sell drinks or feed. Lunch, Swedish fika, snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic) are included in the price.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes you can. The venue also has a microwave.

Is it possible to buy a pass for only one day?

No that is unfortunately not possible because it would make it very complicated to make sure each workshop is balanced.

What is your refund policy?

According to the Distance Contracts Act you have the right to a free return within 2 weeks after the purchase. Later refunds are usually only given in special cases.



Regular passes

  • All workshops at your selected level(s)
  • All socials
  • Pro show
  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Alcohol-free drinks, snacks, and fika

Social passes

  • One open-level workshop on Friday
  • All socials
  • Pro show
  • Alcohol-free drinks and snacks

Single passes for followers and leaders will be limited to ensure balance. If possible, find a partner and register as a couple.


Level descriptions are recommendations. It’s up to you to decide which level(s) are right for you, but please respect your fellow participants.

Level 2 – I just started

  • I know the basic rhythms of West Coast Swing and the basic 5.
  • I have completed at least a beginner’s course.

Level 3 – Getting comfortable

  • I know the basics well and want to learn new things and improve your dance.
  • I have been dancing West Coast Swing for at least a year.

Level 4 – Experienced

  • I want to take my dancing to the next level.
  • I have been dancing West Coast Swing for several years.
  • I have visited international WSDC events.
  • I have competed in WSDC competitions.


All prices are per participant.

1 level

  • Registration for Level 2, Level 3, or Level 4
  • 6 workshops + all socials
  • Lunch, fika, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Starting price 1.200 kr

2 levels

  • Registration for Level 2+3, or Level 3+4
  • 8 workshops + all socials
  • Lunch, fika, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Starting price 1.500 kr

3 levels

  • Registration for Level 2+3+4
  • 10 workshops + all socials
  • Lunch, fika, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Starting price 1.700 kr

Social pass

  • 1 open-level workshop on Friday evening
  • All socials
  • Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Price 600 kr

Don’t miss that we also have a Hip Hop intensive that you can sign up for separately.

Book early to make sure you get the lowest price. All prices (except the social pass) will be increased by 100 SEK / participant on 1 Oct 2023 and 1 Nov 2023, respectively.

Student Discount

Students get a 20% discount on the event price. A valid student ID is required. Use discount code: student.

Autumn Event 2023